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Stratatech is a regenerative medicine business focused on the commercialization of unique, proprietary skin substitute products for therapeutic and research uses. An extraordinary discovery was made at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2000. The discovery of NIKS® cells – a human keratinocyte cell line that produces living tissue nearly identical to native human skin – has the potential to revolutionize wound care. The company is using this progenitor cell line to create a portfolio of therapeutic skin substitutes to treat severe burns, non-healing ulcers, and other complex skin defects, as well as create novel three dimensional cellular models that researchers can use as an alternative to animal testing to evaluate the effects of new chemicals and compounds on human skin.

The lead therapeutic product, StrataGraft® skin substitute, is a superior second-generation product that has the potential to become the standard of care for burn patients with severe burns. The business’ groundbreaking ExpressGraft™ skin substitute products are genetically enhanced to produce elevated levels of natural, human wound-healing factors that fight infection, improve blood flow and increase the rate of healing. No other products, commercialized or in clinical development, have this bioactive capability – positioning Stratatech as the industry leader with the potential to create a paradigm shift in cutaneous wound healing.

The emerging field of regenerative medicine is widely recognized as one of the most exciting areas of therapeutic advancement of our generation. The field’s long term potential is staggering, driven by advances in stem cell technology and the ability to create replacement tissues and organs. Stratatech is at the forefront of this technology sector with practical, near-term solutions already advancing through clinical development.

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